Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Featured Quilter - Richy Lainson Jr.

Richy Lainson Jr. is the featured quilter for this year’s Chewelah Quilt Show and Tea Room sponsored by the Chewelah Arts Guild on Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday, May 28th and Sunday, May 29th at Chewelah’s Jenkins High School. Out of the over 60 quilts that he has made in his 24 years he will have many on display including over a dozen that he has finished this year or has in process

Richy started his quilting career when 11 years old as a bored youth. His mother, Kim, handed him her scrap bucket along with a needle and thread and set him to work whereupon he made his first crazy quilt.

A graduate from Chewelah’s Jenkins High School, Richy’s senior project involved presenting a fashion show of twelve clothing pieces modeled by local classmates and friends. He designed and made the garments from shower curtains, which included two swimsuits and a wedding dress.

After high school Richy attended the Fashion Institute of California where he acquired knowledge of art history. He then attended Eastern Washington’s school of theatrical design where he was able to explore new medians and try out new designing projects. You will see a member of the cast from “Amadeus” walking around the quilt show in a costume created for the recent Jenkins High School’s drama production .

His future goals are to design a fabric line for quilting and he is working with a California company to produce his quilt patterns. His artistic efforts are varied and he continues to work in other mediums including: pottery, painting, drawing, weaving and woodworking.

You can be sure that you have many things to look forward to on Memorial Day weekend Saturday May 28 and Sunday May 29th at the Chewelah Quilt Show and Tea Room sponsored by the Chewelah Arts Guild. Along with hundreds of quilts, quality vendors and the fabulous goodies you will have the opportunity to visit with Richy Laison Jr., an exceptionally talented young man, as he shares his beautiful eclectic creations.

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  1. Wow, that dress is amazing...sure wish I could be at the quilt show!! Richy, best of luck with your new quilting line, I'm sure it's spectacular!